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Vision and Values

Here at Tulsa Dental Implants and Periodontics we feel it is important to have a strong vision and value system.  We want to be accountable in all that we do so we’ve decided to share our vision and values with our patients. We strive to live out these values and work toward our vision every day.


To become THE trusted periodontal provider of dentists and patients


1)      LeadershipWe will be servant-leaders in our practice and community.  We will lead by example–being accountable and showing integrity in all that we do.

2)      Quality of Care:  We exist for our patients.  We will leverage our abilities to be compassionate advocates for our patient’s well being.

3)      Community:  The community is our home.  We will make our community a better place through the radical generosity of our time and resources.

4)      Referrals:  We are an extension of our referring practices.  They can trust that their patients will return happier and healthier.

5)      Profitable Growth:  Profitable growth will not be our primary goal.  We consider profitable growth as a result of living out our values and visions.

Culture Statements

Our team prides itself on the amazing culture that we’ve established in our practice.  We want patients to be able to feel the chemistry that we work hard to develop between our team members.  Each team member promises to practice these behaviors so that we can all enjoy coming to the office every day to serve our patients.  We feel that a happy and healthy team will translate to better patient care.

We promise to:

1)      Trust in the Gaps

2)      Make it Better

3)      Got Your Back

4)      Contribute

5)      Invest Myself

6)      Collaborate


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