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Care at Home

 Home Care Instructions:

If a DENTAL LASER was used during your procedure please click here!

Morning and Night Routine:

Brush for 2 minutes with an Oral-B electric toothbrush.

We carry the Oral-B Genius for your convenience.

FLOSS at least 1x a day, 2x is better






Use Periosciences Rinse or Gel administered to you by our office.

After Meals:

TePe Brush

Use each brush as instructed for ONE WEEK,and then dispose.

Rinse off at the sink after each use.

*Please use ONLY the size the doctor or hygienist has recommended for you. The store brands are not the same quality.

Prevident 5000 sensitive toothpaste –

This is prescription strength sensitive toothpaste, for when over the counter just is not enough.

Use a pea size amount in place of your regular toothpaste until sensitivity susbides. It will take at least 2 to 3 weeks of use to notice results. Finish the tube, then we will evaluate the need to continue or discontinue the product.

Peridex– if this has been prescribed to you please use as directed. If this rinse comes into contact with the tartar on your teeth it will stick to it and turn it brown. If you see any staining, your hygienist should be able to remove it at your next cleaning.

-Apply with a Q -tip to affected area

– Rinse for 1 minute and spit out completely morning and night.

Tongue Scraper– for patient’s bad breath problems or tobacco users.

End Tuft Brush- for cleaning around implants, reaching the very back of your molars, or to better brush front bottom teeth that are crowded or have large gaps.

Night Guard- mouthpiece worn at night to keep teeth from damaging each other during clenching and grinding. We all clench and grind our teeth to some degree. If worn, a night guard will protect your teeth from enamel wear and fracturing. This can be made at our office or by your general dentist.

Waterpik- For patients who have difficulty using traditional floss, or who have braces or furcations. We recommend the Pik Pocket tip. Trace your gum line on both sides of your teeth.

Floss Threader– For flossing under permanent retainer bars, under bridges, crowns that are joined together.





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